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Hair Cut!

My hair simply does not grow. (Exageration, but nonetheless the growth of my hair is minimal) So, I chopped it all off! It makes no sense but I was so bored with my medium length hair and it obviously wasn’t going to reach mermaid status any time soon. 

Here is my before… wavy dark brown hair that is sad  

Now here is my after! I got my dark ends cut off and blow dryed straight! However, it will probably curl more due to less weight the next time I wash it. This means even shorter! I’m in love with my hair right now! It is giving my so much excitement I am so happy with this change.   

I know I look quite different between these photos. Take into consideration the before was taken in the middle of summer when I was at my peak tan. Also angles and lighting (we know this, duh!)

My Favorite Nudes

Nude lipsticks! Perfect for any eye look, event, anything. You can never go wrong with a nude! I personally have 4 that I wear all the time. 

  1. NYX High Voltage Lipstick in Stone. This is my only cool toned nude so I obviously wear it a lot. I’m loving the cool lip trend! 
  2. Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Nude Créme. This is a beautiful peachy nude and it’s the one I find myself wearing to school the most. It look very natural on my skin tone, and is not extremely opaque so I find it very apropriate for high school. 
  3. MAC’s Velvet Teddy! Yes, the Kylie Jenner lip! This lipstick is the nudiest nude (can I say that?!) It’s matte, and has brown undertones but can still be rocked by my pale self!    

How much is my face worth?

I was inspired to do this blog post after reading “neutralagenda”s post on this. It really made me wonder how much money goes into my everyday makeup look! Lets start:

  • Face Base 

1. Everyday I prime my face using Previse Nutrify Tonic for skin types 1-6. I got this in one of my Boxycharms and even though it is part of a skin care routine I love using it before doing my makeup! It just gives my skin hydration without making me oily! This bad boy costs $48!!!! Proof I got it in a boxycharm, I could never justify spending that on a serum. 

2. My go-to foundation is pretty simple. Maybelline’s Dream Pure BB. When it comes to foundation, I can’t let myself buy high-end because I am always nervous about color matching and how it will actually work out for me. So it’s a good thing this foundation only costed me $8.99! 

3. Since this is the makeup I do everyday, I don’t spend a ton of time on my base so the only other liquid product I use is Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Concealer ($6.99).

4. Powder is simple. Everyday I set my entire face using my Physicians Formula Talc-free mineral face powder ($13.95)  

  • Face Shaping

1. My holy grail bronzer is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. I’ve had this since I basically started makeup, and it is the only thing since that doesn’t turn me orange (fair problems). I still haven’t hit pan, which is fortunate for me as this bronzer costs $28.

2. My everyday blush: Blushbaby by MAC. This is my only blush that will fit my “needs” each day. It is not too peachy, cool, bright, or warm! It is my perfect pink/beige neutral blush! Amazing! $22

3. Now it’s no surprise my highlight is one of Becca Cosmetics. This company slays the highlight game!! Since I’m fair, I use the shade Moonstone which is pearly but still has a hint of champagne. This costs $38!!!  


  • Eyes … I am going to quickly go through these products because there is no reason that I use them other than I find them necessary and they do the job for me. Everyone has their own preferance of eye makeup!

1. Naked Basics Palette for all my shadow needs! This palette is good for everyone as it has neutral shades along with one cool and warm highlight! $9.99

 2. OFRA Cosmetics Black Pencil Liner. This is a simple kohl liner and I use it everyday because it is the only one I have!!! However, it glides on and stays put so thumbs up! $13

3. I use two mascaras! One to seperate and coat my lashes, which is Covergirl’s Full Lash Bloom ($7.99). To give my lashes all they need to be voluminous and long I use my sample of Makeup Forever’s Smokey Estravagant mascara. The price of the full size is $12.  


  • Lips and Brows

1. Eyebrows are important! And using a great product is extremely essential to me because my natural brows are close to no brows! To fill them in to perfection, I use my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz which costs $21! I will spend anything to have my brows on fleek! 

2. Everyday lip color is a stretch but when I want something subtle I use my sample of the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. Full price= $26  


  • Last but not least (and probably most expensive) BRUSHES!!!   

So now the final question, How much does my face cost? … $344.63!!!!! That is crazy!!

Thank you again to neutralagenda for giving me the idea for this blog post! It really made me open my eyes to how much I spend on makeup, as this is only a small portion of my collection! How much does your daily face cost?

    I have an Instagam!!

    I recently started up a seperate instagram from my personal one, this one for all things beauty! My username is @rachelsmakeup I’d love for you to check out my page  

     Here is some of my feed, hope you check it out!

    Review: NYX Micro Brow Pencil

      *Photo above taken from NYX Cosmetics’s Website*
    I’m sure most of you are familiar with the “high end of the drugstore” company NYX Cosmetics. I am in love with this company’s lip products, so I decided to branch out to other products. I had heard many things about this brow product in particular, such as it being a dupe for my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz. My shade in the brow whiz is medium brown, while the closest shade to my brow in NYX was ash brown. NYX was slightly more warm toned, but it was fine to me!  

     This is one of my sad, wimpy, but natural eyebrows. I was sadly cursed with always looking like I had no eyebrows from a distance, but thankfully makeup saved my “brow game” from being permanently weak.  

     This is the same eyebrow, with NYX’s Micro Brow Pencil doing it’s magic! I love this pencil!! I spend a teeny bit more time on my eyebrows but the cost difference between this and my brow wiz ($11!!!) definately turns my new pencil into many future repurchases for me!

    The details: This pencil is not creamy in any means, but I find that a plus; who wants their eyebrows sliding all over the place?! The actual packaging also features a spooly and the other side which is very convenient and makes blending a dream! 

    Please tell me if you try out this product, 


    Travel Essentials for the Beach!

      Today I am heading to the New Jersey shore with my family! It’s good once in a while to leave Pennsylvania (maybe more than once in a while). When I’m on the beach I only “wear” my eyebrows but sometimes I’ll throw on a waterproof mascara. However, when I go out I use more product but I don’t like to spend forever making myself up! So these are my essentials…
    Skin: For my base I use my UD Naked Skin Foundation so I look very natural! I have combination-oily skin too so I always have to set my foundation. For this I use Physisian’s Formula SPF powder in light! To bronze I use my holy grail- Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer and as an all-in-one highlight and blush I use Ofra’s Illuminating Blush Stripes compact! 

    Eye(brow)s: For my eyebrows I do what I always do, bodyographys brow trio (along with the corresponding spooly/brush) and my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz! My shade is medium brown. All I use on my eyes is my favorite mascara… and it’s from the drugstore! Covergirl’s Bloom Mascara in blackest black! For when I go in the water I use Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Waterproof Mascara in blackish brown but personally, I don’t quite like it. 

    Brushes: I always apply my foundation with my fingertips so I didn’t have to worry about a brush! I only need to bring 4 brushes to the beach! I bring a large fluffy brush from Claire’s for my powder. For my bronzer, I use the brush Hoola comes with, so easy! I contour my nose using a small blending brush from BH cosmetics (don’t know name). Lastly for my blush+highlight I use a small blush brush from Vasanti Cosmetics that came in my July Boxycharm. 

    What are your beauty travel essentials! I’d love to know, please comment! 

    July Favorites

    This is my first monthy favorites, and I have 7 of them! 
    My most used product this month is my Bodyography Essential Brow Trio ($19) which I got in my May Boxycharm, so I’ve been loving it for a while. A major reason this is more used than my brow pencil is because its so easy! It takes mere minutes to do my brows and always looks natural! In conjunction to this I use my Bodyography Brow Brush ($19.99). It has a spooly and a tiny angled brush and its just perfect! 

    Next in my favorites is the Wet & Wild Comfort Zone Palette ($4.99). This palette, although it is all shimmer, is versitile and I am always coming up with new looks to create! 

    Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Foundation ($39) is an obvious favorite! I got color matched at Sephora as a 4, and since I am super pale I can only use this when aftet the beach when I am a (semi) bronze goddess. I agree with this foundation’s claims of having a natural finish and buildible coverage. 

    My fith favorite of July is my Morphe Elite Brush E2 ($19.99). This brush is everything you want, soft, dense, and so multifunctional! However my favorite use for this brush is bronzer. 

    Speaking of bronzer, Covergirl’s Queen Bronzer ($6.99). in light bronze is a beautiful shade to give my face some glow. 

    Last but not least is Loreal Colour Carasse Wet Shine Stain ($9.99) in the shade Pink Rebellion. If I’m wearing minimal makeup this is the perfect finishing touch to the perfect pout! And even better, there’s no tackiness! 

    Review: Stila Aqua Glow Water Color Blush

     *Picture above taken from Stila’s website* Last week I wanted to try out a liquid blush so I went to Ulta and an employee recomended Stila’s to me. She matched my fair-like skin to the shade “Water Blosom” which described on Stila’s site as a “pink violet” The product has .21 fluid ounces for $26 , which compared to other liquid blushes such as Becca Cosmetics’s “Beach Tints” which cost $25 for .24 fluid ounces, it is a reasonable price. 

    This first picture is one “finger dip?” into the product and blending it somewhat out into my hand. I believe this pruduct gives of a beautiful and natural wash of color without flaking, or looking chunky and powdery. 

    In this picture I put one more dab of product on my hand and this effect gives a very youthful tone. I also should mention this product is a cushion, so it is very hard to go overboard with your blush (yanno, unless you like it that way.”

    In this final picture I blended the two dabs pf product out to demonstrate how natural this blush actually looks!

    In conclusion, I think this blush is great to add to any collection. Stila currently has 5 beautiful shades, ranging from pinks to golden peaches to red. I love using this product when I wear minimle makeup because even with no foundation it looks so natural on my skin. I have normal to oily skin and it stays on all day! Great blush, 10/10!

    Review: OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil

    In my July Boxycharm I recieved OFRA’s eyebrow pencil in universal.

      As you can see it is a pencil that needs sharpened. I find it easiest to use when the tip is very sharp, so I can make my brows more hairlike instead of sharpie-like. However it is very hard to keep the tip sharp unless you want to sharpen after each use. 

    Here is the pencil (bottom) swatched in light coming in from my window, again Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz in medium brown. When swatching the OFRA pencil is definately more creamy and glided on my hand, while the ABH brow whiz was tougher. This product is also much warmer in tone than my natural hair color, but I think it is a perfect universal color because it pulls neutral.  

    In conclusion, I’d give this product a 5/10. It is very creamy, which I find hard to work with when using brow products, because of the inevitable sharpie eyebrows. It is also way to dark for blonde hair unless you spend a very long time blending(?) your brows. However, the brown is a nice neutral color and it is possible to get the trending “feathered eyebrows” with this. 

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